SKY Flooring offers a limited warranty for 30 years for residential use or 10 years for commercial use to the original purchaser, as long as the flooring product is used under normal conditions and remains in the possession of the original purchaser. The warranty covers the following:

The SKY Flooring plank will not wear through.
The planks will not fade due to sun or electrical light.
The planks will not stain under normal conditions.
The planks will resist damage from moisture due to damp mopping and everyday spills.
The unilin™ locking joint will remain secure under normal use conditions.
However, the limited warranty does not cover discoloration from mold or flooding, leaks from plumbing or appliances, water entering through sliding glass doorways, or floor covering failure due to hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor emission. Additionally, this limited warranty does not apply to commercial settings or any damage that occurs during shipment or installation.

For light commercial use, specifically for SKY Flooring’s DuraPro, DuraPro X, SelectPro, GluPro, and RockPro products, the limited warranty covers 10 years from the date of purchase and includes the following:

The SKY Flooring plank will not wear through.
The planks will not fade due to sun or electrical lights.
The planks will not stain.
This limited warranty is subject to certain conditions, and it only applies if the flooring is used in specific commercial areas, such as retail spaces, doctor’s offices, hotels, business offices, restaurants, educational institutions, and multi-family housing. However, walk-off mats are required at all entryways in these areas.

All areas where the flooring is to be installed must be assessed beforehand to determine if additional surface measures or conditions need to be addressed, such as static control, state health and building codes, slip resistance, high impact traffic, and moisture/water exposure. It is important to note that other than the specific warranties mentioned above, SKY Flooring does not provide any additional warranties, and it does not warrant that the use of the flooring in the above-mentioned commercial areas is compliant with any applicable regulations or codes. Proper assessment of location and usage must be applied, and customers are advised to contact their SKY Flooring representative for questions on performance in specific locations.

The limited warranties provided by SKY Flooring, including the 25-Year Residential Warranty and the 10-Year Light Commercial Warranty, are subject to the following conditions:

The planks must be installed properly according to SKY Flooring’s installation instructions, which can be obtained through a retailer or the company’s website at www.skyflooringusa.com.
A moisture test must be performed to determine if there is excessive moisture in the subfloor, with readings greater than 5 lbs/1,000 sq. ft./24 hours being unacceptable for installation when installing over concrete. If a moisture meter is used, a reading greater than 4.5% is unacceptable.
A polyethylene film vapor barrier must not be used over wood subfloors, and moisture readings of wood subfloors must not exceed 14% throughout the entire installation.
The flooring must be used indoors only in a dry, climate-controlled area.
The flooring must be maintained in accordance with SKY Flooring’s care and maintenance instructions.
Damage must not have occurred as a result of improper or inadequate maintenance, accidents such as scratching, impact or cutting, or the use of a jet mop, spray mop, or similar wet mop with the flooring.
Surface wear must be readily visible, approximately 1 square inch in size. Gloss or sheen reduction is not considered surface wear and is not covered by the limited warranties.
The limited warranties do not cover water