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Crafted from the foundation of excellence, MEGA-GRIP Pressure Sensitive adhesive stands as a versatile, high-tack, water-based solution tailored explicitly for the installation of various resilient flooring types, whether in residential or commercial settings. The innovative MEGA-GRIP formulation takes pride in its low-VOC composition, ensuring a more environmentally conscious approach. Boasting rapid evaporation yet maintaining an extended operational window, MEGA-GRIP exhibits an unwavering bond of exceptional tenacity. Its formulation also features exceptional traits, including impeccable trowelability, swift tack and grip, minimal scent, and effortless clean-up.

MEGA-GRIP comes to your aid in bonding a spectrum of flooring materials, encompassing LVT flooring, LVP, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, and Olefin-backed Vinyl, thereby enhancing its adaptability.

Versatility finds its home across diverse environments:

  1. Offices and Light Commercial Spaces

  2. Residential Dwellings

  3. Hospitality

  4. Establishments

  5. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  6. Intensive Commercial Zones

Moreover, the compatibility of MEGA-GRIP extends to various substrates, such as Concrete, APA-Grade Plywood, and Gypsum Underlayment (limited to dry, above-grade applications). Well-Bonded Vinyl and Terrazzo surfaces are also supported.

Environmental consciousness finds an ally in cccc’s low-VOC composition, potentially contributing towards LEED® credits under LEED® v4 Credits: IEQ Credit 2.1 and IEQ Credit 2.2.

Elevate your flooring ventures with the SKY Flooring MEGA GRIP ADHESIVE 4-Gallon Bucket – where innovation meets adhesion.

At Sky Flooring USA, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials in our products. That’s why our MEGA GRIP ADHESIVE is made with premium ingredients, ensuring a professional and reliable flooring installation every time.

Experience the superior strength and ease of use of MEGA-GRIP for your next flooring installation project. Visit us at Sky Flooring USA today to learn more about our products and how we can help transform your space with our high-quality flooring solutions.


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